It is time to re-evaluate your financial thinking.

There needs to be a frank discussion about traditional financial thinking. Our minds are like computers. Information is programed into the computer and that information impacts the computer results. If the information that is inputted is flawed from the beginning, how accurate will the results be? In traditional financial thinking you are told what to think, not how to think from various financial sources. For some Americans, traditional financial thinking has resulted in a life filled with distress, distrust, and disappearing dreams. You need to develop a new understanding and discover a new thought process to survive today's economic challenges. There are two defining moments you must learn that are very important in your decision making process.  First, your money will never be worth more than it is today.  At 3% inflation, a thousand dollars today will have the buying power of four hundred and eleven dollars, thirty years from now. Second, the current tax bracket you are in now, may be the lowest you will be in for the rest of your life. This statement is based on the following facts; a declining work force, an ageing population, people are living longer on more government programs, unsustainable government debt, and uncontrolled government spending.  It is very likely that your taxes will continue to increase in the future. So lets recap the two defining moments; your money will never be worth more than it is today, and the current tax bracket you are in now, may be the lowest tax bracket you will be for the rest of your life. Why is traditional thinking telling you to take as many of todays dollars and throwimg them as far as you can into the future where it will have less buying power and be taxed the most. How long do you want to continue doing this? At some point you will have to decide what you want to do. How can you make a decision when you do not even know that other options exsit? There are options and opportunities that are available. It is time talk!  Knowledge is something you learn and wisdom is the ability to apply that knowledge to your eveyday life!